The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving
Embracing the Power of Paradox in Your Life

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Honor Yourself is the winner of two national book awards. It was named a Nautilus Book Award Winner and a National Indie Excellence Award Winner.

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- Can you say NO when you need to? >>
- Why your beliefs about giving may be destroying your life >>
- The ultimate happy meal >>
- Are your beliefs about giving sabotaging your holiday joy? >>

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Contact:To schedule an interview with Patricia or contact her, please email her at: info@HowToHonorYourself.com

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July 2011 (article received over 2,045 “likes” and over 100 comments on HealYourLife Facebook page)

Radio interview: Harvesting Happiess Talk Radio (nationwide), June 15, 2011

Cover story: May 2011 article by Patricia Spadaro featured as 8-page cover story with illustrations in Complete Wellbeing magazine. Front cover promo: ”Balance Is Everything. Restore Yours Now." Article entitled “As Within, So Without.”

Radio interview: Business Talk Radio Network with Dr. Michael Finkelstein, "The Skillful Living Room," broadcast in 22 different markets including Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Boston, Phoenix, Richmond, Jackson, Stamford and Seattle as well as online. Airs Sat. 12-25-10 and archived until 1-21-10.

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Radio interview: WDUN 550 am news talk radio, drive time adio 8-18-10, Georgia, drive time, 5:40 pm ET 11-12-10 (Georgia)

Radio interview: WDUN 550 am news talk radio, drive time 8-18-10 (Georgia)

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Self-Care: Dealing with Criticism

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Learn how to get beyond the myths to the magic of living fully, deeply, and authentically

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Reviews for Honor Yourself

“Patricia Spadaro is a marvelous guide through the inner realms of the heart. I always feel uplifted by her words.”
Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love

“A tightly woven guide to achieving inner peace.” —Publishers Weekly

"True healing for the heart.  Patricia Spadaro provides an honest approach to self-love that will help us overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks that have created imbalances in our lives today.... She is a new voice to be reckoned with."
—Ann Louise Gittleman, New York Times bestselling author


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