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The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving

Embracing the Power of Paradox in Your Life

Praise for Honor Yourself

Winner of the Nautilus Silver Book Award in Self Help/Psychology
Winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Award in Spirituality

“Patricia Spadaro is a marvelous guide through the inner realms of the heart. I always feel uplifted by her words.”
Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love

“A tightly woven guide to achieving inner peace….Anyone suffering from self-doubt will find Spadaro’s unwavering faith and enthusiasm encouraging; and the perpetually stuck will want to consult Spadaro’s chapters on 'giv[ing] yourself away,' including a handy look at the idea of 'flow,' a psychological work state currently in vogue among efficiency experts….Spadaro’s nurturing, worthwhile endeavor will prove helpful to readers....”
Publishers Weekly

Honor Yourself is more than just food for the soul—it is true healing for the heart. Patricia Spadaro provides an honest approach to self-love that will help us overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks that have created imbalances in our lives today. Taking a cue from ancient scriptures and healing traditions, she helps us understand the daily dance of give and take that makes up life's experiences. She is a new voice to be reckoned with as a pioneer in healing.”
Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. C.N.S., New York Times bestselling author of
The Fat Flush Plan and Before the Change

“If you happen to be someone in need of a good book in a bad time, then you’ve just met this season’s must-read.”
Good Books in Bad Times (HarperOne blog)

“In today’s downward spiraling economy, Patricia Spadaro’s book is essential reading if we are to personally survive. In searching the wisdom of our planet from the oldest truths to the most modern sayings, Patricia extinguishes the fires of myth that have held us in bondage to tension and stress. . . . Her writing is a breath of fresh air.”
Chris Prentiss, author of Zen and the Art of Happiness and Be Who You Want, Have What You Want

“The author states that assumptions about the way things work, the ‘myths’ that are learned early in life and then automatically accepted as true, keep one stuck in a straitjacket…Spadaro counters these myths with the real magic that can happen when one knows, accepts, and honors oneself at the deepest levels; only then can one give with an open heart, freely, and without resentment. With stories from the wisdom traditions of East and West, personal anecdotes, and the experiences of contemporary people as they explore the art of giving and receiving, Spadaro illuminates ways to celebrate one’s gifts and greatness, to appreciate the wisdom of the heart, set adequate boundaries, recognize and deal with unhealthy relationships, and honor necessary endings. Spadaro’s engaging, compassionate, and at times, surprising book asserts that honoring oneself so that the gifts one was born to share are ‘no longer gasping for air’ frees one to give the only gift that matters—the gift of oneself.”
ForeWord magazine, May/June 2009

"Often overlooked by self-help books are the natural paradoxes of life, the duality of the human experience, and the necessity for balance for true contentment. In Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving, author Patricia Spadaro underscores one of the key paradoxes (and sources of stress) in our daily lives—properly and successfully balancing what others need from us with what we need from ourselves, between giving and receiving, between self-sacrifice and self-interest, the boundaries of our generosity. A compendium of insight, advice, and practicality within the context of modern life, Honor Yourself is highly recommended for personal self-help, self-improvement reading lists as being especially 'user friendly' and 'real world' oriented for establishing and maintaining mentally, physically, and spiritually appropriate balances between the needs of others and the needs of oneself."
Midwest Book Review

"Rarely does a debut solo work of non-fiction explode on the scene with such deftness and clarity. In the first chapter alone, every sentence can stand on its own, demonstrating a paradox. Does writing so perfectly executed just flow from brain to text? The answer is no. Something so fluid, so easy to read took painstaking correcting and rewriting until the finished product looks natural and flows seemlessly off the page. But what makes any book great, from Dostoyevsky to Tolle, is when the reader pauses every so often to ponder what he has just read. This is just what I found myself doing from chapter to chapter. The author teaches us the path of balance and the middle way, pointing out that this oftentimes requires us to recognize and navigate life's paradoxes. Ms. Spadaro's command of the English language is equaled if not surpassed by her knowledge of the world's great mysteries, healing traditions, writers and philosophers, all of which she brings to bear in illuminating quotes and examples of the higher path."

“Rich in insight and practical wisdom, this wonderful book is an essential guide to making the choices that are right for you. It will touch your heart, move your spirit, and propel you forward. We highly recommend this exceptional book.”
—Dannion Brinkley (New York Times bestselling author) and Kathryn Brinkley, authors of Secrets of the Light

“Having the ability to balance the needs of life, family and a career are always a challenge. This book shows us how to embrace our feelings, recognize the paradox of life and embrace the acceptance and support that is all around us. By giving as well as receiving, we can find balance...and release our inner spirit and creativity. According to the author, life beckons us to master the art of balance. We have a duty to honor ourselves and others. There are seven steps for staying in balance, to help you to get in touch with how you feel, as well as eliminating negative thinking. We are also taught how to establish boundaries and stop living dangerously. The real key to this book is the creation of balance in our lives, recognizing the difference between myth and reality. We are asked to stop limiting ourselves to our perceived reality so that we can let go and really soar.”
Awareness Magazine

"Patricia Spadaro's elegant writing takes us exactly where we need to be, on the journey inward. By exploring the existential conflicts we all face, we are led toward embracing the totality of life and of self. A must-read for everyone who struggles with balance: executives, stay-at-home moms, politicians, celebrities, and anyone who works hard and wants to live fully."
Iris Martin, psychotherapist and author of From Couch to Corporation, The President’s Psychoanalyst, and Mortgage Wars

"So many of us are feeling out of balance and overwhelmed. Honoring and putting ourselves on the list first is not common practice, but necessary to have healthy life. A must read for those wanting to nurture and enhance the greatest relationship you will ever have . . . the one with yourself."
—Ann Boroch, CNC, naturopath, and author of The Candida Cure and Healing Multiple Sclerosis

"Patricia Spadaro offers wise counsel on giving birth to your best self through the practices of giving and receiving. . . . In this sprightly paperback, Spadaro challenges us to take a hard look at what she calls 'the delicate dance of giving and receiving in every area of our lives.' She believes that the chief cause of stress is our inability to participate in the play of paradox. The result is that we lose our balance. . . . Spadaro provides a snappy series of 'Keys to the Balancing Act' with gems on Seven Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries, Six Tools for Honoring Your Heart through Giving, Releasing Regret, Seven Strategies to Keep Voting for Yourself, and more. All of these resources add up to help the reader give birth to his/her best self."
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,

"A poignant reminder of the gift that each one of us truly is. . . . A valuable discussion on the importance of honoring ourselves, and in doing so, how we respect, appreciate and give birth to our best self so we can give creatively and abundantly in ways that honors others."
—Tim Miejan, The Edge magazine

"To find well-being in our lives and contentment within, we must respond compassionately to those around us who are struggling. Finding ways to do that which are in balance with our own needs and limitations can sometimes be extraordinarily difficult. Spadaro shows us how in a beautifully sensitive and insightful work.
    "I thoroughly enjoyed Honor Yourself. It does a tremendous job of weaving deep wisdom into a beautifully accessible format. I loved the 'myths and magic,' the practical keys in the 'balancing acts,' and the catchy wording used to convey the paradoxical truths--say no to say yes, give less to give more, etc. The anecdotes were great too. It is always refreshing to find a book so accessible and interesting to read, yet so deeply informed by the timeless wisdom of the past."
—John Greer, author of Seeing, Knowing, Being: A Guide to Sacred Awakenings and insight meditation teacher

"In the time-honored manner of the Buddha, Patricia Spadaro uses paradox to discover common sense. For too long, people have believed the myth of "giving until it hurts," with the result of feeding their martyr within. This is a Golden Book of practical guidance for personal growth and development, without having to attend a seminar. Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving is both easy to read quickly and written for the reader to ponder the depths of the meaning of giving and receiving. It is only through giving meaning to a thing and letting it matter that the thing can take shape and mature in your life. Giving and receiving has amazing practical value. Yet, so few of us do it with grace and mastery.
     "Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving offers something for the enlightened student of self-growth and spirituality. It also offers its gifts to the uninitiated or novice reader. I love the sprinkling of 'Myth' and 'Magic' throughout the book. They function like affirmations to help you grow.
      "In my field of clinical psychology, Patricia's 'Myths' are reminiscent of Albert Ellis' Irrational Beliefs and her 'Magic' is the proper reframing of The Truth, as such. Nice one, Patricia! All cognitive therapists need to make this book a must for their library and required reading for their clients."
Susan R. Andrews, Ph.D., clinical neuropsychologist and author of Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms


An inspiring guide to finding happiness and inner peace by moving beyond the myths that keep us stuck to the magic of balanced living

"A Golden Book of
practical guidance"

“For too long, people have believed the myth of ‘giving until it hurts,’ with the result of feeding their martyr within. This is a Golden Book of practical guidance for personal growth and development. It is both easy to read quickly and written for the reader to ponder the depths of the meaning of giving and receiving….I love the sprinkling of ‘Myth’ and ‘Magic’ throughout the book. They function like affirmations to help you grow.... All cognitive therapists need to make this book a must for their library and required reading for their clients."”
Susan R. Andrews,
clinical neuropsychologist


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