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The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving
Embracing the Power of Paradox in Your Life

Honor Yourself book cover

We all know it’s important to give back to ourselves. So why is it so hard to do it?

We’ve grown up with myths—half-truths—that prevent us from living a life filled with possibility and passion.

Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving by Patricia Spadaro exposes the most potent myths about giving and receiving that can sabotage your relationships, finances, career, even your health—without you knowing it.

With candor, compassion, and a bit of humor too, Patricia Spadaro shares empowering ways to move beyond those myths to the magic of balanced, authentic living.

Her work combines wisdom from around the world with real-life stories and practical tools to create an inspiring guide to honoring yourself so you can give your greatest gifts to your loved ones, your communities, and the world.

Learn practical ways to master the delicate dance of giving and receiving—and unleash the full power of your creative spirit.

Honor Yourself skillfully guides us through one of the key paradoxes—and stressors—of our time: how to balance what others need with what we need, how to give and to receive. Should I sacrifice for others or give to myself? Be generous or draw boundaries? Stay in a relationship or say goodbye? Tensions like these are not only a natural part of life—they are life.

While modern society is ill-equipped to bring us back into balance, the sages of East and West are experts, and Honor Yourself explores their practical, and surprising, advice.

We are called to master the delicate dance of giving and receiving in virtually every area of our lives, and this beautiful work offers empowering and heartfelt ways to do it. It will free you to celebrate your own gifts and greatness as you explore the dynamics behind

  • giving with the heart rather than the head
  • setting boundaries and being honest about unhealthy people in your life
  • using feelings to stay true to yourself
  • learning when to seek support or fly solo
  • finding your own voice
  • honoring endings, and much more.

Just as importantly, Honor Yourself will teach you the steps for staying in balance. For when you learn the steps, you can perform the dance—and that’s when the magic begins.

Available nationwide at your favorite neighborhood or online bookseller.

240 pp  $14.95
5 1/4 in. x 8 in.
Also available as an e-book.
Three Wings Press®

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Honor Yourself makes a
great gift—to others and
to yourself—as you make
this your best year yet.

Available at your favorite
neighborhood and
online bookseller

Rave Reviews for
Honor Yourself

“Patricia Spadaro is a marvelous guide through the inner realms of the heart. I always feel uplifted by her words.”
Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of
A Return to Love

“A tightly woven guide to achieving inner peace.”
—Publishers Weekly

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What it means to
"honor yourself"

“Honoring yourself is not about pampering yourself. And it’s not about turning your back on those who need you. The issues surrounding giving and receiving are deeper. Much deeper. By honoring yourself, you are respecting, appreciating, and giving birth to your best self so you can give creatively—and abundantly—in ways that honor others."
—Patricia Spadaro in Honor Yourself

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