Are You (Really) Listening?

by Patricia Spadaro

“I wish to learn, will you teach me?” a man once asked the Sufi teacher Libnani.

“I do not feel that you know how to learn,” answered the teacher.

“Then can you teach me how to learn?” countered the man.

“Can you learn how to let me teach?” was the reply.

What sometimes keeps us from learning—whether from a sage, from our relationships or co-workers, or from the ups and downs of daily life—is that we don’t know how to let others teach us. We don’t know how to shut off our own mind and hear.

Listening Is One Thing, but Hearing Is Another

True listening is an art—one that involves what renowned physicist David Bohm called the ability to “suspend your assumptions.” Bohm worked in the field on quantum physics and was also a champion of dialogue. For him, dialogue was an application of the key quantum themes of interconnectedness and flow.

Dialogue, in the way Bohm means it, takes place with respect and the suspension of judgment as one listens to others. Read the rest of this entry »

Flying into the New Year

by Patricia Spadaro

My wish for you in 2013:

A year full of smiles and laughter, inspiration and awakenings.

A year where you dare to spread your wings and FLY.

I can’t wait to see where the winds of your Spirit will take you!

Sending you warm wishes from my heart to yours for a wonderful 2013—
and a big thank you for being a special part of my life!



The Razor’s Edge of Self-Esteem

by Patricia Spadaro

Self-esteem’s a funny thing—a fine balancing act. You’ve got to believe you are wonderful just as you (because you are) AND you’ve got to keep on trying to improve yourself (because you can reach higher and be more). That’s perhaps the ultimate razor’s edge of life—balancing confidence with humility. Knowing when to stand up for […]

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Get Moving

by Patricia Spadaro

“You’re not good enough.” It’s difficult to step onto the stage of life, spread your arms wide, and say “Hello, world!” when you hear disparaging voices rumbling around in your head reciting the litany of your past “mistakes.” Although we might be adroit at hiding it from others and even ourselves, that feeling of being […]

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Beating the Doldrums

by Patricia Spadaro

Put a little wind in your sails… The dreaded doldrums. We’ve all been there—feeling stagnant or stuck, down and out or depressed. Did you know that that word doldrums also describes an area of the world just north of the equator where the trade winds meet. It’s a place that can be either very calm […]

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Write Your Personal Declaration of Independence

by Patricia Spadaro

“The beginning and the end reach out their hands to each other.” —Chinese proverb A new article I wrote called “Endings Are Just Beginnings” was published this weekend on the Heal Your Life website. It talks about 4 ways to say goodbye to regrets and honor the endings in your life.  I realized just how […]

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