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How to Finally Say Goodbye to Regrets

A sudden break-up, layoff or other unexpected life change can leave us feeling angry, betrayed, remorseful and bewildered. But changes and endings don’t have to keep us stuck in our tracks. According to author Patricia Spadaro, whether you’ve experienced a recent loss or are struggling with an ending you’ve never come to terms with, the key to moving forward more quickly is finding effective ways to release regrets. She offers simple but powerful ways to finally say goodbye to energy-draining regrets.

Patricia Spadaro is an internationally known author. Her books are available in 18 languages in more than 25 countries. Her latest book Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving is the winner of two national book awards.

Contact her at (406) 994-0032. Email: info@HowToHonorYourself.com


Q: Why is it so hard to come to grips with endings in our lives?

Q: Why is it so dangerous to hold on to endings? And why is honoring endings in our lives so important?

Q: You talk about some of the myths about forgiveness that make it hard to move on. What are some of those beliefs we hold on to that hold us back?

Q: How can not forgiving someone else harm us?

Q: I know you have some do’s and don’ts for moving past regrets and endings more quickly. When faced with an ending, what are some of the things we should NOT do?

Q: What tips do you have for what we SHOULD DO to say goodbye to regrets?

SHORT BIO: Patricia Spadaro is an award-winning and internationally known author. Her latest book, Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving, explores how to get beyond the myths about giving and receiving that can sabotage our finances, relationships, careers—even our health—to more balanced, authentic living. She has also co-authored several other self-help titles and her books are available in 18 languages in more than 25 countries.

To learn more about Patricia Spadaro and her book Honor Yourself, and to get more tips and inspiration—including articles, quizzes, and a reading group guide—visit www.HowToHonorYourself.com.

Honor Yourself is available nationwide at your favorite neighborhood and online bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon.com, and independent booksellers.

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